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Sizlere Hileciyik.blogspot.com olarak Darkorbit Biobot'u Sunuyoruz...  Biobot Kulanımı İçin Aşağıda Yer alanları Google Translateden Çeviriniz....

start bioBot.exe -quickstart USERNAME PASSWORD SERVER settings.udb
File -> Save As
At “Save as type:” put “All files”
At File name put every name you like, recommended put your username to not forget what is , with extension .bat
eg: myusernamedarkorbit.bat
Save in bioBot folder !
You have also in the archive one example, right click on the file fast_login_example_batch_file.bat and click EDIT, and now you can modify with notepad easy.
Known bugs:
- sometimes after a time your biobot map is black, and you cant login back, only after ~30 min to 1 hour
consider that you wont bot all day and you dont put your account at maximum risk for ban :P
Also keep in mind that source of UDOBot is made public, so even BIGPOINT knows how UDOBot 4.0 works, bioBot has many changes so will see how it goes with risk of bans.
• Symbol “.” (dot) in password or name not supporded by bioBot.
• And symbol “[" or "]” in password or name not supporded by bioBot.

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